Common Faults with CV's

The HR managers in the interview department have their own versions of CVs that they would like to forget. Imagine receiving curriculum vitae that simply reek of half-truths and embarrassing inclusions. Most of the people who write curriculum vitae for the first time fall into either one of two categories. They either err on the side of bravado or on the side of fear. This article would like to focus on the former.

The job applicant who is guilty of these errors is somewhat like a driver who simply whizzes by so fast that they ultimately miss whatever turn they have to take. They think that it is not up to the institution or the organization to judge them because they think too highly of themselves. Most likely, they will be guilty of being sloppy and unprofessional. In most cases, they will be guilty for both accounts.

One of the things that recruiters absolutely hate is truth-stretching. It is probably the worst possible error that one could make. Some of the most experienced recruiters will be able to recognize if a document is full of truths or full of lies. They will be able to easily check up on the different facts that one puts in their curriculum vitae. If the recruiters are able to do a background check on you and you get as far as the interview, you have a lot of explaining to do once they pin you.

A relative of truth-stretching is laziness. There are those who do not consistently use the spell check feature that they have in their word processors. And even though you have been able to use the spell-checker, doesn’t mean that your sentences will be 100% error-free. You will still need to use proper grammar with all of your bullet points.

You need to proof read all of things that you’ve written or else, your interviewer will most probably do it for you in his mind while relegating your document to the trash bin. So be sure that you get more than a few opinions for your CV. You will need to humble yourself and keep it real with the mistakes that are in your CV in order for you to present an acceptable document to them.

These are the different things one must remember in order to not commit the error on bravado. Keep it simple and keep it true. In the end, it will always be a learning experience for you.

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