CVs for Postdocs Leaving Academia

A curriculum vitae is not just for people who would like to enter the academic field. It is also something that an individual has to consider when they will be leaving academia. There are cases where people who have been involved in scholarly research would like to pursue something that requires a lighter take on the subject.

There are people who have been involved in postdoc studies for several years and suddenly they want to get into something which is quite far from academic research. Because the field of academia is quite the polar opposite of non-academic pursuits, getting into this type of a lesser academic field can be quite challenging along with crafting a curriculum vitae that is worth mulling over.

One of the most challenging things that you might run into is that you’ll be drafting a curriculum vitae that is largely non-academic in structure as well as content. This should be one’s primary goal. Because your academic curriculum vitae will never cut it, you should make it your goal to construct one from scratch with a new purpose in mind.

One of the things that you need to note is that you should be able to identify all of the skills and the capabilities that you have as a professional. Whether those skills are generic or transferable to your area of interest which you want to pursue, you should be able to keep track of them because they will benefit you when you’re already creating your revised curriculum vitae. Some online sites might be able to help you out if you really do not know how to go about this. The Research Career Builder is a site that includes a research cycle which illustrates different research applications.

This new curriculum vitae of yours should be able to go beyond a typical list of your achievements and capabilities. You should realize that it also needs to convey a number of subtle messages which may include any misconceptions that employers have regarding academics. Be prudent enough to conduct your own research about your sector and ask different advice from different people who may have gone the same route as you have.

It clearly is a rough ride to going about writing your newly-revised curriculum vitae but it will surely pay off as it will definitely give your potential employers an idea that you are more than capable as a professional who can be just as productive as the next candidate.

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