Following Job Application Instructions

Whenever organizations or specific institutions request for a curriculum vitae, you should be careful enough to follow directions or else, your document might simply end up at the end of the stack instead of standing out.

There are a lot of things that job applicants take for granted because they simply choose to not follow the directions that have been laid out by the employer.

One of the simplest things is when the employer asks you to send in your curriculum vitae through a defined format such as Microsoft Word. Most curriculum vitae are able to arrive in Microsoft Word but there are other people who simply go their own way and email their curriculum vitae in ASCII text.

These particular CVs will probably be stored in the database but this will be shown as a crude text file which is devoid of any formatting. Even though your name will still appear in the listing of a certain employer’s database, when your curriculum vitae is viewed, it will come out as simply an unattractive and disorganized list of your accomplishments.

It’s also important to note that if you ever want to send in a hard copy of your curriculum vitae, you should do so only after you’ve sent in your soft copy. There have been some instances wherein the person only sent a come of their CV through regular snail mail and not through electronic means.

These paper copies of your CV will have to be manually scanned and saved into the database. Although in Word format, no one in his or her right mind would go through so many scanned files and edit them to make them look like a professionally-crafted curriculum vitae. Aside from the fact that you were not able to follow instructions, forcing them to use an OCR or Optical Character Recognition software will only slow things down for you and your application process.

You ask what could be worse than this? Try processing a curriculum vitae that was sent via fax! That will probably give you an idea of what human resources goes through every year. Just be always sure that you always send in what human resources asks you to send.

You should be reminded that instructions are there for a purpose especially when it’s about your CV. Never print out when they ask for an electronic copy and always keep in mind that a faxed copy of your curriculum vitae is not an electronic version of your normal one.

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