Is Your CV Telling The Truth?

It’s not everyday that you see interviewees telling the truth. And the lying doesn’t change that much when you’re trying to put it into writing.

There have been statistics by various survey sources such as IRS and IAG that say that curriculum vitaes in the past year have not been entirely truthful. This is a very stark reminder of how interviewees and interviewers alike should handle the truth with care-especially with something so fragile and precious as a CV.

CVs are always being prepared whenever someone would like to prepare for a job interview of a teaching position in a distinguished university. However most people really do not look into one critical factor that will most probably make or break a curriculum vitae: the truth.

The truth has been as elusive as the perfect fit for a specific job position. In a survey that was conducted by one of the sources, around 86% of interviewers believe that CVs and application forms are not 100% true.

There are several other details which state that 35% of curriculum vitaes that they receive are certified to b e factually correct. It is for this sole reason why the truth is a valuable commodity that no one presently seems to value.

It is important that each and every thing that an interviewee says is the truth because people who are truthful and can convince the interviewer as being truthful indeed are placed in a very distinct type of group and this is where the rotten apples are separated from the good ones.

It is definitely common sense to simply hire an honest and solid applicant over a brutally dishonest applicant who has a "star" quality more than a movie star. It simply will not work.

The truth is being true to yourself as well as the one who is interviewing you will eventually pay off simply because you have approached a situation with integrity of spirit.

Whatever faults the interviewer will find in you, as long as you project a positive attitude and a spirit that wants to learn, you’ll always have the last laugh against someone who’s showcased himself or herself through an interview with false facts. Eventually, the truth, will really win over everything that is false. In essence, it’s almost like you’ve set yourself free-free from guilt, from your conscience nagging you all the time and from trouble in the future.

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