Writing a Killer CV

If formality didn’t call for it, one could simply start typing out their curriculum vitae and hand it in as if it was a 30-minute pop quiz. However, rarely does that happen and rarely do serious hiring companies or institutions entertain a CV without an excellent cover letter.

Therefore, as part of your job application arsenal, you should be able to master the art of cover letter making. There are a lot of areas to consider when making your cover letter. Here are just a couple of ideas that you could consider.

Make it appear professional

One of the things that you could focus on is the appearance of your cover letter. You should be able to make the impression that you are doing everything that you can so that you will be able to give the company positive insights into your character.

One of the subtle and simple things that you could do is to ensure that when you said your curriculum vitae to your preferred company or institution you should have enough postage. If you, as an applicant, make your company pay for the lacking postage that you neglected, what would it say about you?

As a rule of thumb, never make the company you’re applying for pay for anything when you’re applying. It will communicate that you haven’t put in enough effort in researching even just a simple matter as that.  

One thing that you also have to take into account is to always check the quality of stationery that you use. It’s important that you never seem cheap to the company that you are applying to.

First of all, that communicates that you are not taking them seriously and secondly, that gives them the impression that they’re not on top of your list. Personal stationery will help out a lot as well if you’re looking for that certain factor that will separate you from the rest of the common CVs.

For other supplementary advice regarding the appearance and construction of your CV, you should avoid using italics or underlined fonts. And since we’re on the topic, common fonts are a good thing to remember in cover letters.

Just remember to present your CV in a very professional manner and take it very seriously. If you err on the side of caution, chances are you won’t have to be following up on the company to check if they already read your documents. They’ll most probably be the one to call you and tell you you’re hired.

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