Career Advices Women Should Stay Away From

girlThere is an enormous market for telling the female population how to live life better and much happier. Maybe it is because women are wider reader than men. But sometimes, pieces of advice people give women repeatedly can get very annoying. Here are some irritating career advices women should stay away from:

Look for the best women-friendly companies

Looking for the list of the best companies for women is simply an advertising scheme. It does not give something as to how to make your life better. There is a list like this every single time. What you have to do is to forget about these lists. They are statistically irrelevant to you when planning your career. Just be very good at what you do and concentrate on how to improve your value as an employee.

A stay-at-home hubby is what you need to give you that space to improve your career

Be true to yourself. We all know that no matter how much you earn, you try to find a man who makes money more than you do. Whether or not marrying a stay-at-home guy gives you more space to improve your career is a doubtful point.

Let us be honest. Admit that you are not after a stay-at-home hubby. Also, based on research and observations, men are not generally happy in this role. What really is important is to plan on how to achieve a work-life balance.

Do not cry at work

It is a fact that women cry more than men do. So why don’t we just stop giving women advice to be like men in the workplace?

Be a member of an all-women networking group

This is one annoying advice that you should run from. Compared to women, men are more connected in the world because typically, work is always in the front seat. This enables them to have better connections.

So why join a networking group that self-selects for lesser connected people? There are a gazillion ways to categorize a networking group: by interest, by location, by goals, by experience, etc. But why slice it by sex?

Another major reason why you should stay away from this career advice is that many studies have shown that career women are generally not supportive of each other. In a dog-eat-dog workplace environment, every woman strives to be the very best.

Women are viciously competitive. In fact, some studies suggest that there are more problems between two women than between a man and a woman or between two men.

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