Making Money Doing Freelance Work

Freelancing might appeal to some, while it could be a turnoff for others. Those who are not into it does not see it as real job. These are the ones who are content of hauling themselves to their offices from 9-5, doing some routine clerical Dilbert task.

To the freelancer, he is the master of his own time and he is answerable to no one, except probably to the client, at peak times add an s, he is servicing at the moment. Actually, this is what appeals to most who go through this route. Sure, income is dependent on how many projects come in your way, but only you are the one who could make it work.

Before going freelance, assure yourself that your personality suits the instability of the profession. Are you the type who likes to run his own show, who feels constrained with deadly deadlines, and who prefers to work when you are in your flow? There is no bundy clock in this type of profession, so it means you can work at your own pace.

Have a regular parttime job to make sure that at least some form of income goes in to keep you afloat during lean seasons. If however you already have a stream of projects, it is best that you concentrate on them.

Freelancing, in most cases, fits certain fields of work. It is usually associated with right-brained jobs. Copywriting and editing, music composing, graphics, and other artistic endeavors fall into these.

Going back to innate personality, due to their nature of freeflowing frame of mind, people who have specialized in these kinds of work have developed in themselves creative mood swings. Not to take anything from them but moments of inspiration do not come at an instant, unless the project deadline is already near, which in most cases do not get followed anyway.

Nevertheless, there are some left-brained jobs that can be done freelance. Consultation jobs is a mix of both hemispheres while some number crunchers like accountants prefer to balance sheets on as when needed capacity either in ‘fulltime’ freelance status or as a side to complement the regular office income.

Going back to lax deadlines and unusual work habits, one should also be prepared to tackle a project in odd hours because the client is pressing you, you find yourself in an extended roll of inspiration, or you just feel like doing it at that time. To some, this is actually the fun part. Some could think best when the environment is serene and still because it is deep at night and no one is awake to bother or distract them.

In order that you do not run out of things to do, in other words not run out of income, sell yourself well. One way of doing that is establish contacts. Lots of contacts.

Hard sell yourself. No one would advertise for you but you, and once you establish some cred, word of mouth would do its course.

With the vastness of technology available, it has become easier to market yourself. Put up a website and post there your portfolio. Include the web address in your email signature. Flood email groups and bulletin boards if you need to. Someone interested with your service would eventually bump into you and contact you.

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