The Top 5 Time Wasters


Time wasters really affect one’s work productivity. These time wasters will really eat your time only if you let them to. In order to free up your time you have to identify them, make up your mind as to what you plan to do about those time wasters, and then take action. Here are the top 5 common time wasters.

Lack of plans, priority, and focus

Without concrete plans, priority, and focus, you will end up wandering and working in a disjointed and scattered way. This prevents you from spending time on more important tasks.

You will find yourself working on activities that do not help you move towards your vision. If this is so, then it is definitely not a good way to spend your time. This will only make you feel directionless and your work productivity will drop.


Procrastination wastes your time as well as your energy and thoughts. When you put things off, much of your time is wasted worrying and thinking about the things you have to accomplish.

You are only giving yourself a difficult time for not doing things and therefore you are not spending your time effectively. This is especially true when something really important arrives and what you have been procrastinating over eventually needs to be accomplished.


Interruptions may be unanticipated events, visitors dropping into your office, telephone calls – anything that disrupts you from effectively doing your task. Interruptions affect your focus as they distract you away from the important things you do at that moment.

You also lose time and focus when you allow your personal life and work to overlap. Keep them separate as much as possible and do not allow them to get in the way with each other. You need to focus your energy on each specific task at a time.

Lack of delegation

It really wastes your time when you think you must do everything and believe that you are the only one who can do the job. You will find yourself doing too much without having sufficient time to focus on what you are really good at – your strengths, ability, and gifts.


Meetings are a real time waster if you have no specific agenda, time frame, and reason for holding them. It is too easy for us to have the tendency to hold meetings without realizing that much of that time could be used more effectively.

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