How to Answer Interview Questions

We all want to create a good impression towards our interviewer on a job interview. To make this happen, we must never forget the fundamental element to make a good impression which is confidence. Our best suite, clean and shiny shoes, fixed hair, unwrinkled extra copy of your resume and a couple of memorized or rather familiarized script for expected questions are only extra baggages. All of those does not matter when our confidence does not show while we talk and answer the questions that are being thrown upon us.

Everything boils on how we carry ourselves while on the hot seat. For most of us especially for the first timers, it is not easy to talk when you are facing the person who will determine on whether you will get the job that you want or no. Hence, the greatest challenge for all interviewees is how to maintain the confidence level that they want to display.

To maintain our status quo we have to know when does our confidence level usually break down to prevent it from happening so to speak. Most of us tend to stutter, fiddle with our hands, look at the ceiling, bite our lips, scratch our head when trying to look, formulate answers in our head when we do not know the answer to certain question or when we are being asked about something personal. Maintain the confidence level while on the hot seat through browsing at the following tips during some stated awkward instances.

Salary Matters.

When asked regarding your expected salary never be so blunt with the amount. Everyone wants a good amount of salary that matches or even can support us more than just enough for our lifestyle. But it does not mean that we can be too straight forward when asked about it. We might end up giving the interviewer the wrong impression or be the subject of mockery when he thinks that our skill is only for this sum of money.

To be on the safe zone, try telling the interviewer reasonable lines first like, "I expect to receive the same amount of salary and benefits that you are giving to your employees of my level." And when of course the interviewer gets too persistent with the amount then that is your cue to blurt out those set of numbers that you have in mind.

Tell Me Something About Your Family.

This is one the the questions that makes us interviewees stop and think, "should I tell her some family issues?" When asked regarding family matters never tell them negative matters with regard to your family. Giving negative informations will also send negative perception toward that person you are talking to. Always maintain a happy atmosphere.

Why our Company?

This is another classic question and a very easy one to deal with when we have all the company information that we need. The rebuttals can be found in the information pertaining to the company’s contributions and how they are taking care of their employees and the people outside their company.

Express how impressed you are with the company and its standing and how it would be pleasurable for someone like you to work in kind of environment your interviewer is working at. The company must always look good in our eyes.

Job interviews can be entertaining for both the one who is asking and the one being asked. Be prepared and maintain that positive atmosphere at all times.


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