How to Answer to Common Interview Questions

Always, answer to questions honestly. Talk about your true capabilities and qualifications without exaggerating your abilities. Do not be negative about your last experiences. Never speak negatively about another person or company. Never blaming or complain on somebody else. There is some example of basics questions to answer during interview.

Describe myself

This question is always hard to answer for the candidate but you have to be prepared to answer. Simply, describe your personality and character type (perfectionist, motivate, generous, etc). The interviewer want a know who you are when he ask this question. Explain some positive things about your work or your school.

Describe an ideal working environment

The ideal working environment is where I can grow, where my ideas are considerate as innovative ideas and my knowledge and work is appreciated. Where I can get a continue knowledge development with a good training programs. The company having economic stability and security.

Reason for leaving

You have to be honest. Usually, the answer "No Career Opportunity" or "More Challenging" could be a good answer if you quite the company. It’s better not to go into the specifics because the interviewer could use against you. If you have been fired, be honest and say it because the prospective employer could know the true.

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