How to Behave at an Interview

The job interview is one of the most important points in your employment search process. Sure, your resumé impressed the hiring manager. You are very much qualified and have the required skills, and now you have to prove you will be a good fit with the company and future colleagues. Just do not wreck the highly-valuable and much-coveted face-to-face interview with the hiring manager. In a survey of more than 800 hiring manager, almost 70% recalled interview blunders by job applicants. Here are just some examples you must avoid in a job interview:

Dressed to kill

They say that you are what you wear, and your choice of clothes for the job interview has a direct impression on the interviewer. You can wear comfortable clothes to ease your nervousness. Just do not wear pajama like one candidate did. The company may have a casual dress code, but save the biker clothes or board shorts and slippers until you are hired. If you are going to the beach after the interview, you have no license to wear your flip flops and swimming attire. And this is very serious; a glitzy medallion on a bushy chest is a surefire way to floor the hiring manager.

I’m with the troop

Unless you are blind or injured, do not bring another person or an animal with you to a job interview. Many job applicants have brought a spouse, child, pet, friend, and some even brought the entire family. The hiring manager invited you and you alone. Not you and your cute Chihuahua. A job interview invitation never includes guests.

Leave personal quirks at the door

Personal kinks might be normal to you. To others, however, some mannerisms are downright scary. Some things you always do in the confines of your home should not come out when being interviewed by someone you are impressing. Many job applicants pass gas, pick their nails or nose, stretch various body parts, laugh erratically, burp, spit, chew gums, and smoke. Make sure that you leave these at the door if you do not want to ruin your chances of getting the job.

Some hilarious behavior

There are many incidents in job interviews that are freakish, perhaps fired up by ambition, extreme anxiety, or an appetite to impress. Here is some bizarre job applicant behavior actually happening during interviews, as reported by One applicant made a shoebox diorama depicting him doing the job.

Another wore a Walkman, saying that she could listen to the music and the interviewer at the same time. One candidate said that she had not had lunch and went on to eat French fries and a hamburger during the interview. One job seeker impersonated Ben Stiller. Still another knitted while being interviewed. And one candidate barked at the interviewer.

Here are other weird behavior: interrupting the hiring manager in the middle of the interview to phone his therapist for advice, whistling while the interviewer was saying something, arriving with only one shoe (the other shoe was stolen off the candidate’s foot on the bus), taking a photo of the interviewer, tap dancing around the office, rejecting a job offer because it paid too much, and many more.

You need to get the job, so do not sabotage the interview.

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