Interview: The Underlying or Hard Questions

Job interview questions are cunningly devised by hiring managers in order to get the vital information they need from candidates. Behind every job interview question is another question or a concern. Basically, your job as a candidate is to process each question, scrutinizing what the concerns of the interviewer might be. Here are some interview questions with the corresponding concerns:

How long have you been job hunting?

What the interviewer is actually asking: Is there something wrong with you that many employers have seen? When asked this killer question, just say that you have your own goal and have been very selective about the position you are applying for. Tell the interviewer that the position and the company you are eyeing greatly interest you.

What is your salary expectation?

What the interviewer is actually asking: Can the company afford your rate? Can the company get you for less than the budget? When asked such a difficult question, just say that you need more information on the nature of the position and the responsibilities involved before discussing salary. Then ask the interviewer if he or she could give you an idea of the salary range for the position.

What preparations did you do for this job interview?

What the interviewer is actually asking: Did the position or the company interest you so much that you did some research, or are you just going to "wing it"? Reply by saying that you were immediately interested upon reading the job postings in the Internet. Say that you checked their website and read the mission and vision of the company, and you were impressed.

Who are you having difficulties working with?

What the interviewer is actually asking: Are you flexible? Can you work in a very diverse environment? When asked this killer question, say the kinds of people you find very difficult to deal with. However, stay away from discriminating reasons such as race, religion, age, or sexual orientation. Base your dislikes on work performance, job ethics, workplace etiquette, etc.

How do you keep up-to-date about your job?

What the interviewer is actually asking: Will you learn and continue growing when you get the job? Will you stay motivated and challenged? Say that you pride yourself on your ability to be on top of what is the latest in your industry. State that you do read a lot, especially the business section of newspapers and magazines.

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