Motivation Job Interview Questions

Job interviews are conducted for a reason: they enable you to assess your candidate, whether he/she is qualified for the position or not.

Interviews also enable you to know what motivates your candidate. Why it is important to know what motivates your candidate? For one, it would enable you to determine which position your candidate is best suited for. And for another, it will help you determine what drives your potential employee to work hard, and thus provide the environment or factors needed. shares some of the interview questions that will enable you to determine motivates your potential employee:

Describe the work environment or culture in which you are most productive and happy.

Imagine you have received a coveted national award five years from now. Why did you receive the award, what is the award, and what are the circumstances under which you are receiving the award?

What goals, including career goals, have you set for your life?

How would you define "success" for your career? At the end of your work life, what must have been present for you to feel as if you had a successful career?

Describe a work situation in which you can demonstrate that you motivated another person.

Motivation Job Interview Question Answers

As what we have established earlier, motivation interview questions enable you to determine what drives your potential employee you are interviewing. Thus, pay close attention to their answers. For instance, a candidate who prefers to work in a typical office set-up probably won’t enjoy a job that requires him/her to do a lot of field work.

Motivation interview questions also enable you to determine what potential employees think motivates others (people in the workplace). Thus, you will know what factor/s must be present in the work place for the candidate – as well as the other employees – to be motivated.

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