Passing the Pre-Employment Test

More and more companies utilize workplace-behavior assessments or what we call pre-employment examinations. Employers typically use assessments to confirm a candidate’s cultural fit or skill competency. Here are some reminders that you should remember when taking such exams.

There is no right or wrong answers – This is true especially for personality exams. If you answer honestly and don’t get the job, it means the position wasn’t a good match for you in the first place. However, this does not apply to quizzes that test your language proficiency and math skills.

Take exams seriously – Candidates should not take the exam lightly, even if they feel they aren’t necessary. For instance, come in the examination room as if your going on a job interview.

Senior executives are not exempt – The higher you aspire to climb the corporate ladder, the more likely you are to be evaluated on how well you might fit in personality-wise. Employers would like to see if the candidates fit into the company’s culture, but the company most closely scrutinizes the results of assessments from senior-level applicants as the company would lose a lot if they are a bad hire.

Curb your antagonism – Many senior candidates scoff at having to take a test. They see it as being unnecessary, but in the end they can’t make it to the next round. Showing displeasure would only derail an applicant’s chances on getting employed. It also says a lot to an employer about your overall attitude, tolerance for stress, and how open you will be to future opportunities.

Your candidacy can benefit – The results of these test would also tell some aspects in your personality that you may never even know. Knowing these results would make you either apply for jobs that relate to your personality or fix that flawed attitude to get in the job that you want.

Clear your schedule – Ask recruiters about how long a pre-employment assessment might take. You may need to devote anywhere from a few minutes to several hours of your time. Some assessments are oral and administered on site by an industrial psychologist, while other may be completed online from any location. If taking a test by phone, make sure there will be no interruptions or distractions.

Exercise your brain – Familiarize yourself with pre-employment assessments by taking free ones on the Internet. Practicing such tests can help you feel more comfortable for when it’s your turn in the hot seat. Also, playing problem-solving games like crossword puzzles or Sudoku can also help sharpen your mind for test-taking.

Weak results may not matter – Even if you have a negative result in your behavioral assessment, that doesn’t mean you are not accepted in the job. It is also the job interview that matters most.

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