Sneaky Job Hunter Tactics

Some job hunters have become quite clever when it comes to submitting their resumes by trying to go around the usual path of sending their job applications directly to the hiring manager.

Instead, they design their resumes to give a false impression that an insider of the company has already approved their resume for hiring.

These sneaky fellows are able to pull off the trick in two ways. The first method is through attaching a fake note typed in a different font at the top of the document that reads, "This one is promising. — Dennis," assuming that Dennis is the company’s senior vice president.

This strategy has become more and more widespread in recent years. Job hunters would simply find an executive’s name and job titles through social networking sites such as MySpace as well as people-finding websites.

Another sneaky strategy done by some applicants to get a fast track being accepted in a job is through sending the resume directly through mail to a senior executive of the company you want to work for. They simply print their resumes in a much thicker or off-white paper to distinguish it from the usual paper used for CVs.

Then, they put the words "CONFIDENTIAL" on the top of their envelope to prevent an assistant from opening it. Once arrived, the executive will likely pass on your resume (if it’s impressive enough) to a hiring manager, thus giving the false impression that the higher-ups approved the resume.

In the past, the recruiter would have deleted your resume from the company’s database if it is discovered that the referral was fake. However, nowadays your rejected resume would instead become helpful to company by attaching a message on your application describing the sneaky tactic you did then sending it to other recruiters as a means of alerting them.

If you think you have the skills and the experience that a prospective company needs, it doesn’t hurt if you apply through normal methods.

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