5 Recession-Proof Careers


Yes, it is bad news that the National Bureau of Economic Research has declared the American Economy is in deep trouble. With recession come layoff threats. However, some careers are always in demand, even when the economy falters. So what are these careers?

If you are a nurse, teacher, auditor, police officer, or product developer, you are more likely to survive the whims of the economy. The good news is that there are many online schools offering degrees or diplomas leading to these careers.


Education is a life essential that seemingly is not affected by the failing economy. Teachers perform a major role in shaping the mind and in securing the economic future of a country. Teachers are always in demand as they sustain hope for the future.

If you want to shift to this career, consider getting an online teaching degree. Many online schools offer a bachelor’s or a graduate degree in education. Distance education also offers teacher training programs, which are required by most American states for licensure. Teaching salary is $48,919.


Nurses are in demand as long as there are ill people. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates around 30% growth in nursing jobs in the next six years. To start a nursing career, you will need to have one of the following professional qualifications: a bachelor’s degree in nursing, an associate nursing degree, or a registered nursing diploma.

With online nursing schools, aspiring RNs can complete most nursing degree requirements online as well as the clinical part through a health care facility. Nursing salary is $59,000.


Every company needs an auditor. Auditors are especially needed when the economic heads south, a time when it becomes critical for companies to have sound financial management. This career gives you an extra layer of security since regulatory compliance is becoming more complex. The BLS expects 18%-26% job growth through 2014. Salary is $50,770.

The first step to becoming an auditor is to earn a bachelor’s degree in accounting. You can find online schools that offer accounting degree programs and course. Consider an accounting MBA online degree instead if you already have an undergraduate degree in another field.

Product development

You can make your career recession-proof by distinguishing yourself through innovation. If you currently work in a technical field, consider transferring into a lucrative and secure product development position. You can earn this with an online degree in marketing. Salary in this career is $101,837.

Law enforcer

Law enforcement is in demand since crime can increase during a recession. If you want to shift to this career, you can look for an online criminal justice or law enforcement degree with courses in legal studies, crime scene investigation, law enforcement skills, and criminal psychology. Salary is $45,210.

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