Fine-Tuning Your Job Search Skills

With the current economy still on the rocks, it is crucial for unemployed jobseekers to get hired as soon as possible before they run out of savings.  People may feel helpless as they watch the news of companies cutting jobs, thinking that they may never hire new talent.  In fact, they actually do.  All you need is to fine-tune your job-search strategy and you may able to find work that seems out of reach nowadays.

Do not put all your eggs in one basket

The Internet may come in handy when researching potential employers and finding companies that are still hiring, but it is best to spread yourself out on other methods of finding jobs such as networking with professional contacts, looking through trade publications, and registering with a staffing firm.

Make job searching a full-time job

Cast a wide net over potential clients as much as you can.  The more inquiries you make, the more resumes you submit, the better your chances of getting a call back.

Make everything perfect

No matter what credentials you have, even if you have studied in an Ivy League school, just one mistake could cost you that much-sought-after job.  For instance, single typo error or grammatical mistake is all it takes to keep you from finding work.  Ask another person to check on your applications before submitting them, then re-read everything and make sure your resume is error-free.

Follow-up on everything

You may think that following-up a potential employer seem embarrassing, but employers do seek enthusiasm from its job seekers.  It is best to contact a hiring manager within two weeks of sending your applications.  All it takes is a brief phone call or e-mail reasserting your interest in the position.

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