Identify Your Transferable Skills

Looking for a job takes some careful planning. This would especially be true when you try to find a job that may be unlike your previous one. Some people may do this as a welcome break from previous jobs that they may have grown bored doing.

When changing careers most especially, you do not usually need to start back at square one. Some may be looking for a job position quite opposite of their previous one. This might be quite a challenge but you need not concern yourself not being qualified. All it needs may be a matter of identifying your transferable skills and make employers notice them.

Transferable Skills

Transferable skills are those set skills that you might have developed in previous work experiences. These talents may not always be required for certain jobs, but they can be worth noting since they might be of help to employers. Transferable skills may not be relevant to the job being sought, but they do offer some valuable insight to you and what you may be able to do for your future employer.

Identifying Skills

Most work experiences have one or more transferable skills worth noting. The key is being able to identify them effectively. The most important thing is trying to let employers and job recruiters see how such skills may be applied and be useful for them and their business.

One way to effectively identify your transferable skills is asking yourself what type of activities at work that you find enjoyable. Highlight a couple of more of your previous accomplishments and achievements at work and you may be able to identify what those skills may be. You might even try to look and evaluate your whole life and identify your strong skills that might be useful for future jobs.

Associating Transferable Skills

Once you have identified your most valuable transferable skills, you might then consider them in your next job search. Whenever you find a job opening from a different field of study or industry but is worth applying for, you might want to apply more of your transferable skills. Try to analyze the needs of the job and try to determine how best you may be able to apply your transferable skills to accomplish the job requirements.

Highlighting Skills

Transferable skills might come in handy for people who are thinking of a career change. Highlighting them on job resumes would greatly help improve chances on jobs outside your previous profession. One way of doing this is by organizing accomplishments and achievements on your job resume by skills rather than a list of job experiences from your earliest down to the most recent. Providing a resume as a skill summary can sometimes help employers and job recruiters see your abilities and skills over your work experiences.


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