Job Hunting During The Recession

Looking for a job in a recession can be terrible if not despairing. The competition is fierce and all you have left with you is that determination to get work and earn money. So what are you supposed do?

All you need to know is that jobs come in several forms. It takes lots of guts, if not luck, to get the job you want. In fact, experts say that the best way to look for a job is by moving with force. In other words, you have to expend twice the effort to get work.

Below are some tips that may help you get the job you need especially during tough times like the recession.

Taking a careful look at the industry

Despite the layoffs and company cutbacks, there are still several industries that gain jobs within this year. Such industries are in the health care, education, government, food and drinking services and IT sectors. If you think you have the skills for any of these industries, then you may have a go at it.

Reinforcing and freshening your skills

Know more about the basic skills you have like MS Powerpoint and Excel. Surf the Internet or borrow a library book so you can teach yourself. You may even go for online courses to learn more on business etiquette, foreign languages, project management and even typing. You may even try polishing your sales skills even though you are not into sales.

Taking part-time or freelance work

Instead of doing one job, it may be easier for you to aim for a part-time job. Having several part-time positions may even provide you some job security. If one position goes away, you still have others to fall back on.

Revving up your social network

Nowadays, networking is easier. All you need is a computer and you are done with it. Thanks to Facebook. Through social networking, you may contact someone who works in a company you like to work for. Ask them to introduce you on your behalf.

Being result-oriented

In order to stay competitive, it is best that you achieve the company’s objectives. In other words, if you have had a successful record in slashing budgets, sales growth, and getting new clients, among others, put them in your resume.

Role playing

You know you will be having job interviews in your job search. The best way to prepare is by doing your own role playing. Get some positive minded friends with you, and tell them to help you with the role play. This build up confidence and provides you the ability to handle adversity.

Knowing your strengths and marketing it

If you do not know how to market yourself, it may get you some time to find a new job. It is best that you know where your strengths lie. With that, you may get to know what your personal brand is. Having a perfect resume and customized cover letters as well as being professional may just do the trick.

Finding opportunity in your current position

Since you can do new skills in your job, you can use it as leverage for future interests. A hobby may be of proprietary use. If you are an operations manager but has some skill in writing, you may use it in terms of writing contents over the Internet or the likes.

Being realistic

It may really be difficult to find a new job, and it really takes time. So face the truth, success really needs time. In short, if you wish to have a job that pays for about $90,000 a year, then the usual three months to get a new job that pays about $40,500 may become seven months.

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