Job Hunting Tips for New Graduates

The end of college life is the beginning of a new journey: the prospect of a brand-new career. However, as your professors have probably told you, "the real life" (or life outside the campus) has uncertainties and instabilities. Finding a job is not like picking up a new subject, but here are some tips that will come in handy, especially for the new graduates.

Avoid mass mailing – A common wrong notion about job hunting is that mailing and e-mailing your resume to as many employers as possible would eventually get you noticed. However, spreading yourself too thin would only destroy the prospect of finding a great career.

Do some networking – Even if you cannot attend trade events or industry meetings, you can talk to everyone you meet about your goals and what you want to do. You can never tell who they might know.

Do some cold calling – Cold calling is a job hunting method wherein you call various offices that interest you and ask for vacant positions. Knowing the person whom you are supposed to call is an advantage. Calling complete strangers may be embarrassing at first, but you will eventually get the grip. Besides, the worst thing that can happen is when they say no.

Always get a contact name – When submitting a resume to a prospective employer, you need to address it to the right person. Cover letters that are addressed "To Whom I May Concern" will not be noticed at all.

There are no perfect interview answers – It does not take high IQ to answer a job interview question. Recruiters would only look at how you can hold an intelligent conversation.

You do not have to be smart – A C+ in History back in your junior year does not leave a bad mark on your career. Employers only want people who are bright and willing to learn the job.

Treat secretaries and assistants with respect – Smile at the receptionist as you submit your resume, for instance. You may never know, but they might actually hold the real power in the office.

You must follow-up – You have to contact your potential employer-whether through phone or e-mail-several days after you have submitted your resume or attended a job interview. Show enthusiasm about the job and determination to get it.

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