Learn to Find a Good Job

We all want to have a good life. Be in simple or extravagant way of living it all boils down to the want, urge or rather need of having a good life in our own contention of how good a life should be. Nonetheless, for us to do so we sure got to have a very good source of income. Not everyone is born an old money clan but either from a no rich, not that rich or rising to richness’s kind of family. In fact, most of us are struggling to have the good life that everybody is dreaming of. Hence, most of us want to find a good job especially for the people who are just starting to build themselves up.

There are many job advice out there telling people this is what they must do and not. This is the proper way to do this and that. Yet, the problem with this type of approach is that it does not state how they can do it wrong in order for the readers to know and appreciate more why things must not be done the wrong way. In this article I want you to know how to not find the good job that you are dreaming of so that you will avoid or hamper them from happening so to you or any person that you wish to give advice.

1. Not advising your relatives, friends and or common friends the type of job that you are looking for.

2. Using just one or two ways in looking for work.

3. Waiting for the results of a certain job application before applying for another job.

4. Merely relying on a friend or a certain organization to look for a job that wills suite you.

5. Limiting job searching to a certain geographic area only.

6. Not checking all details pertaining to a certain job offered.

7. Giving the employers a very specific time limit of working hours.

8. Applying for jobs that you are very much not qualified.

9. Applying for jobs that you do not have the slightest interest.

10. Applying for jobs that have a very bad work benefit just for the heck of already having a work.

11. Not answering the interview questions properly.

12. Submitting your resume without a cover letter as a standard protocol.

13. Look so awful on a job interview.

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