Manage Your Online Identity

Some people might think that being open is the "in thing" nowadays. It is certainly seen as a virtue in psychological counseling or getting ahead in your 12-step program to recovery. But for the resume writer, it is a delicate trait that one should actively balance whenever writing one’s own resume.

People seem to forget that information on the Internet is readily accessible information. Most of the people who send out their resume post different links to their blogs, photo sites and other personal sites which contain information regarding themselves or their interests. This is a very good thing to include in a resume since it will give the one hiring a good idea of what your personal life looks like. It will highlight your different strengths as real person and will give the person who is hiring you a well-rounded picture of who you really are.

The problem with the oblivious part of 30-and-under crowd today is that they don’t realize that whatever it is that you post online will be easily accessible to potential headhunters. When people look at your resume, most of the headhunters would normally "Google-up"your name in order to see if you have posted any blogs or pictures that they can see.

This is one of the most relevant things that a potential employer should consider because it will always show the true colors of the applicant in the real world. If the applicant posts pictures which are lewd or scandalous or if they particularly blog about how miserable their life is because of their current supervisor, then it will give the headhunters a pretty straightforward and accurate picture of how the employee might act in the future.

A person who is participating in illegal or questionable activities and one who constantly rants about how stupid a supervisor might be can be sure that he or she will not be considered as an employee of the company. Backbiting and blasting your supervisors is definitely a no-no for those people who are hiring potential applicants. Knowing this, one should be particularly careful of what they post online.

People should be able to respect the power of today’s search engines as potential employers have a knack of searching anything and everything about you if you have been in the habit of posting stuff online. What’s even better is that material which anybody has posted can be easily retrieved two or maybe even five years from now.

Those who have social networking sites should be very wary of what they put on these sites as this will significantly affect their personal image. It could be the deciding factor that gets them the job or the one thing that gets their resume inside a trash can.

The bottom line is one should be responsible enough about what they post online because sooner or later, a wise hiring manager will use a search engine to look you up and then it might be the only thing that will matter with regard to your application to the company.


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