Unseen Jobs

These tough times had people scrambling for jobs, but some of them just could not search hard enough.  In fact, there are hundreds of job opportunities that people do not seem to notice because we normally take them for granted, but are in fact can be rewarding enough to get you through the difficult days.  Here are some of "the unseen jobs" we pass by every day.

Electric line installers and repairers

They are responsible for getting power form electric plants to your home.  Because electricity has become a modern necessity, power companies have constant vacancies for such heavily-demanding yet high-risk jobs.


People stand in line for a morning bagel, prepared fresh by your neighborhood baker.  Although people would cut down on dining out expenses, the simple joys of baked goods are still comparatively inexpensive, so it is not surprising why demand has increased, and bakeries continue to run.

Vehicle maintenance workers

If you are taking public transport, keep in mind that there are hardworking people who are doing their best to keep these vehicles run smoothly and safely.

Building cleaning workers

Every office building needs to maintain its cleanliness at the top, which is why hardworking cleaning workers are not so much fired nor replaced.

Fishermen and farmers

Workers who provide food such as fishers and farmers are in high demand, especially with the growing population.


Whether they run a cab or a limo, drivers make a decent job by bringing people to their destinations.

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