Using Color to Determine Your Ideal Job

Some people tend to keep on switching jobs, or take different occupations from different industries not as a means to have more money rather to do the things they are passionate about.  If you have trouble finding out what job would be best for you, why not let the colors decide on that?

A new test, called Color Career Counselor, can determine your successful career path just by choosing the colors you are most attracted to.  Additionally, the test also takes into account how you approach work, the types of workplaces where you work best, and how you are able to handle difficult work tasks.

Taking the test is simple.  All you have to do is to click the colors that attract you, not necessarily the ones you want to wear or decorate.  From your preferred primary color-red, yellow, or blue-you work your way to choosing your preferred secondary and achromatic colors.  For example, people who prefer yellow are information-driven, while job seekers who like purple are into fact-finding possibilities.  Those who chose black consider value above all else, while those who are into white like to have options.

You are also asked of the colors you are least attracted with, which can determine tasks and issues you tend to forget.  For instance, people whose least favorite color is orange tend to over-commit themselves and try to do too much tasks all at once.  Meanwhile, people who dislike green try to fix everything for their colleagues instead of making them do it themselves.

Taking the Color Career Counselor is completely free.  Giving out your e-mail address is optional, keeping your personal information safe.

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