Chronological Job Resume

There are various types of job resumes. One of them is the chronological job resume. Different jobs as well as applicants usually require a job resume that fits. For certain jobs, there are certain job resumes that work well and some that just do not.  The same goes for applicants with different work experiences.

Basically, a chronological job resume is characterized by having work experiences listed in chronological order, usually starting from the latest down to the earliest work experience. The chronological job resume is usually ideal for job applicants whose work experiences mostly belong from just a single field or industry. This type of job resume may also be ideal for applicants looking for entry level jobs. The chronological job resume has the following basic components:

Identification- includes the name, address and other contact information of the applicant.

Work Experience– includes the chronological list of previous job experiences from the latest down to the earliest that is related to the job being applied for. Aside from the inclusive dates of tenure, the name and address of the company that the applicant previously worked for may be added.

Education– includes the educational background of the job applicant. It should contain the name of the school attended and for how many years, the degrees attained as well as the awards and recognition received during that time. Educational background should precede the work experience section for job applicants already with previous job experiences. Job applicants who are fresh from college may consider putting their educational background first to highlight it better.

Key accomplishments or skills– this may or may not be added into the chronological job resume. But many experts believe that this may give considerable weight in terms of adding some credibility to the job resume. This section can be used to summarize the whole job resume and catch the attention of the employer.

References– now considered as optional, references still lend some credibility to a job resume. It should be included if there are still some space available on the job resume.

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