Common Resume Mistakes

One of the important factors in landing a job is having a good job resume. That is why preparing your resume carefully and keep it updated will help put you into a disadvantage over other job applicants.  But it can also be easy to make mistakes in trying to prepare your job resume. Here are the most common ones to watch out for.

Wrong Contact Information

A lot of job resumes are discarded and a lot of opportunities lost simply because of a mistake on one’s contact information. Some job applicants fail to update their contact information or make sure that their job resumes have the right addresses, phone numbers and other information for employers to be able to contact them. Having the wrong contact information on your resume is just the same as giving away a potential job opening to others.

Too Many Typos

Typographical errors may be attributed to many things in a job resume. It can be a hasty preparation job or just plain absent mindedness. For the hiring managers, having to deal with too many typos on a job resume can be very distracting. It can also easily make some of them lose interest easily. Before you try to hand out that job resume, make sure that you have all the typo errors reviewed and the necessary corrections made.

Too Much Clutter

It may be good to provide hiring managers with all the information they need on your job resume. But some can also go too far as to provide too much clutter of information, even the ones that need not be included in the job resume. If you wish too make a good impression on the hiring manager, provide him or her with the all the details they need on your resume. But make sure that you give them in concise bits and pieces.

You need not tell every employer everything about you and what you can do. Try to provide them only with the details that matter. Too much information can be too overwhelming for people, even for hiring managers and employers.

Deliberate Lies

Some job hunters can become so desperate in landing a job that they are prepared to lie in order to impress. They can lengthen previous job experiences and lie about their own abilities and skills. No matter how good the lie might be in your job resume the risk is always great for it to be discovered. A simple phone call by the hiring manager with your previous boss or HR department can give the lie away.

It is always important to remain truthful about everything that you put into your job resume, no matter how tight the competition for the job is. Even if you get hired based on lies that you have provided on your resume, they are bound to be discovered one way or another once you try to take on responsibilities that you can’t handle. You would end up disgraced and probably fired. That experience might even make it even harder for you to look for another job. Just try to think twice before you try to create lies on your job resume.

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