Dealing with Lack of Credentials

In the real world, a college degree is a major stumbling block when it comes to finding a job that you want. However, if you don’t have a degree that doesn’t mean you are doomed to take blue-collared jobs. It is not really relevant if a person has a degree in marketing if he or she couldn’t even create good sales.

Over time, professional accomplishments become more important than a college degree. A degree is not a make-or-break factor at the stage in life where you are applying for a senior-level position. You can even become a chief operating officer without a college degree in a field where most of your employees have Ph.D.’s.

However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore your education outright. Having a lack of credentials would still create a big blow on your career prospects. You would have to work doubly hard to prove that you are uniquely qualified.

Networking – Most companies use tracking systems to pre-screen applications. To keep your resume to be placed in the paper shredder, you need to practice effective networking. Create a personal impression in order to network yourself into an opportunity. If you can’t come in the front door, come down the chimney.

Work towards a degree – You can also start working toward a degree even if you are already working. Simply put "B.A. Degree in progress" for instance in your resume. Several universities offer programs to career people who have yet to have a degree, such as Harvard’s Advanced Management Program, using past accomplishments as prerequisites.

Use job titles that are appropriate to your previous responsibilities – This is applicable especially to woemn, as they are often asked to assume responsibilities and not given the title. For example, they have titles like assistant to the president but do the work of COO’s. To make a great impression to a potential employer, negotiate with your former company for permission to describe the job in terms of a meaningful title.

Tell the truth positively – If you have past failures, the truth may be easier to present in an interview. Tell the truth in a positive manner, indicating how you have overcame your mistakes and took responsibility for it. Besides, employers are aware that no one is perfect.

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