How to Create a Video Resume

If you’ve been in the job-hunting phase for the earlier part of your life, then you probably are familiar with how to make a resume and what to put in it. Even though there are a lot of ways to craft your own resume, there is still one way to do it-tastefully and creatively.

With the advent of Internet video, one can just about broadcast anything online. This is just one of the ways that people are trying to get them hired by different companies. Because people nowadays are more in tune with technology, job applicants have used this to their advantage. People are now composing "video resumes".

These types of resumes are fairly easy to do yet they are straight to the point. There is an increased interest in videos with the presence of broadband Internet usage as well as a marked enthusiasm for those people who are video sharing. To other jobseekers, after listing down all of their accomplishments and contributions to their previous companies, a video resume might just be the final nail in the coffin that will get them hired.

Take a skeptic for example, whose job-hunting efforts did not pay off. However when the person got a digital camera and got creative, it was a start of something unique. And it definitely caught the eye of her prospective employers, who by the way, is now her current employer. All that was done was a two-minute video that highlighted her good points in her paper resume as well as the answers to some common interview questions. It was straightforward, it was no-nonsense and it dealt with some of the questions that most employers would ask in an interview.

Even though it would be weird at first, you should definitely try doing this for yourself because it will ultimately catch the attention of the hiring manager of the company you’re applying for and it will enable them to see your personality which will ultimately shine through the course of the video. It’s quick, painless and you even won’t have to go through the jitters as your answering the supposedly difficult questions that they might throw at you during the actual interview. It gives you more time to prepare in answering their questions and it is done in a creative, eye-catching way.

There is a word of caution that job-hunters should remember: always have someone get an objective point of view of your resume. You might be so proud of what you’ve captured on video and forget that professionals are going to take a look at what you have to offer. There was a case of a person who submitted a video resume of him dancing with scantily-clad women. The video eventually got out and he has now become a very popular example of how not to do a video resume. If you’re trying out different stunts and look more like a wild man than a businessman, then your video might just be better left in your hard drive rather than have it launched on the Internet for the whole world to see.

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