Resume Design and Layout

In creating your resume, whether doing one for the first time or simply spicing up a template, you should make sure it would stand out from the crowd. But before you go crazy on your word processor’s word art, here are some reminders on how to pull off an attention-grabbing resume in plain black and white.

Since I mentioned it, limit font styles to two at the most. Recommended fonts to use are the ‘basic’ fonts like Times New Roman, Arial, Courier, Verdana, or Georgia. Put variety by using bigger sizes in the headers and using bold and underlines. But do remember to not overdo it.

Font size should range from ten to 20. Adjust according to preference and readability.

In the header, your name should stand out by using a bigger font and not just making it bold. Make sure that your contact information is updated.

Next thing to remember is to emphasize your most recent achievements. If you are fresh out of school, put up your educational background. If you have had a considerable amount of actual work experience, it is better to highlight your employment history.

There is no need to put in all of your information. Create a specific resume for a particular job or field you want to go in to. For example, if you want to try out computer graphics and writing, produce a different resume for the former which stresses your related experience in computers and graphics and compose another one which accents your writing projects.

Make your resume easy to read. Unless it is a unique job title or job description, you only need bullet points or to enumerate your previous work. Again, put in front the most recent.

Awards and certifications should follow. This also includes seminars and symposiums related to the work you are applying to. Then mention extra-curricular work or other hobbies or activities that you do to show that you are a well-rounded person.

If there is still space, write miscellaneous information about yourself that you think would be needed by your employer. Limit your resume to three pages max. Better to limit yourself to two pages, if not, one.

To those who want to include a photo, attach the image by pasting it on the soft copy rather than stapling or gluing it manually. Use a recent photo. Size 1 x 1 inch is all right, although you may also use 2 x 2 inches or passport size.

A suggestion is to put the picture at the bottom right end at the last page of the document rather than at the top right in the first page. Besides not messing up the first page layout, it is a conversation piece on why you have your picture at the final page.

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