Seeking Inspiration in Resume Writing

There are tons of good resources available when it comes to writing a resume. In fact, there are so many such resources and inspirations that it can be confusing for many job seekers. For instance, every person you would ask for advice may tell you something completely different from the another guy whom you sought for the same advice.

So who should job seekers listen or refer to when it comes to creating a winning resume? Here are some suggestions:

Talk to professionals in your field – Look for successful people in your chosen career field and human resources managers in that area. They would be able to tell you what employers want to see. You could meet them at industry-specific events such as trade shows, conferences, or other venues that you would get a chance of networking with different people in the industry.

Limit advice from those closest to you – Your family and friends may be more than willing to provide you with advices on sprucing your resume and would even check your resume for errors. However, that doesn’t mean they know what is correct or what will be most appealing to an employer. You could just reserve their criticism for getting a general impression, unless they know the insides of the industry that you desire.

Search for resumes in your field – Each profession differs in resume such as what is included and in what order, how many pages, references included or not, and so on. It is best to search for the "best resumes" book at a local bookstore. Some books also offer keywords that would bolster your document.

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