The Resume: One Page or Two?

We have all probably heard of the old "one page or two pages" debate in submitting a resume, and we have probably heard that one-page resumes is the better choice especially among busy hiring managers, with the two-page resume reserved for the more experienced job seekers.

The truth is, there’s really no valid answer to this, but one option can be more effective than the other depending on how you look at it.

Two-Page Resumes


  • Higher amount of readability.

  • The use of larger-sized fonts for easier reading, especially when faxing the resume.

  • It is not easy to fit all that you need to present in just one page.

  • This option fits well on job seekers with more than 10 years of work experience.

  • Sets you apart from the lackluster, cookie-cutter versions of the one-page standard chronological resume.

  • More space to present your work-related accomplishments, as well as your educational background and references.

  • More customizable to your employer’s needs.

  • With more keywords, two-page resumes have higher chances for job search engines to find your resume.


  • Hiring managers would not read all of your resume simply because they have no time.

  • Vulnerability of being over-informed.

One-Page Resumes


  • It delivers the message quicker, given that all resumes are being reviewed for such a short time that they don’t even bother looking at the second page.

  • Provides only the necessary information.

  • Comprehension is greatly improved.

  • Gets the attention of employers quicker.

  • Saves the hiring manager’s time of reading through the whole resume.

  • Speaks loudly and clearly of your potential value and compel the employer to call.


  • These documents often say little, merely listing a candidate’s features in small type.

  • At some point, it is devoid of excitement or interest to employers.

  • Crowded with information and hard to read.

  • Vulnerability in becoming overlooked.

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