Top Sins in Writing Resume

shredderHiring managers are an agitated gang. They have to screen resumes and interview candidates, while dealing with personal matters outside the office. Selecting the top candidate is a time consuming process, considering the emergence of electronic applications and online job sites.

This means that they are reading more resumes, piles and piles of them, than ever before. This also means that hiring managers encounter more awful resumes. So it is not surprising that they will put your resume to the shredder in a flash if they see the following resume no-nos:

Using colored or scented paper

"Unprofessional." This is what many hiring managers think about applicants who send colored or scented resumes. If you are a professional, you do not have to rely on cute tricks to get your resume read. Hiring managers look for your credentials not your cutesy personality. If you want your resume get you an interview, use good quality white paper and black ink. This creates an image that you are a professional.

Sending resumes more than 2 pages long

One of the golden rules in resume writing is to keep it two pages tops. Remember, a resume longer than two pages may irritate the hiring manager, increasing the chances of a short cut trip to the paper shredder. Cut out unimportant details and embellishments. Your purpose of writing resume is to get an interview, so make the sentences powerful and keep it succinct.

Incorrect spelling and horrible grammar

While you may argue that spelling and grammar should not matter unless you are applying for a writing or editing job, it does. Incorrect spelling and bad grammar suggest either that you have below-average writing skills, or that you are just too careless and lazy to proofread your resume.

Choking the hiring manager with little white space

A resume with little or no white space is definitely a killer. Long paragraphs without bullets suggest that you are too lazy to recap your experience and qualifications. Hiring managers do not want to plow through epic narratives just to uncover your credentials. In most cases, the feed resumes with long paragraphs and flowery words to the hungry shredder.

If you really want to snatch an interview, make sure that your resume contains more bullets than paragraphs, and paragraphs should be limited to three sentences. This shows your respect to the hiring manager’s time.

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