Posting Your CV Online

Many job openings are being posted over the Internet. Job seekers should be able to keep up with the trends and times in order to find the best employment opportunities whenever possible. Here are some suggestions when it comes to putting up your job resume online.

Keep it simple – Unlike online profiles in social networks or blogs, you don’t need to include some fancy flash texts, colored backgrounds, or some goldfish floating around in the screen when you put up your online resume. Computers need different styles of presentation and in order for majority of computers could open your CV the format should be at its lowest. Anything more complicated than this would cut off some computers that do not have certain softwares that you used.

Use the right keywords – This is how you highlight your online resume instead of writing texts in boldface or italics like you would do in a normal CV. The need for including the right keywords is crucial because some employers would just search for a person with a certain field of experience or skill that they seek. For instance, a resume of a secretary should also include keywords such as office assistant, typist, stenographer, backend office, personal assistant, private assistant, executive assistant, among others. Make sure that you put up keywords that are related to your skills and not merely inventing them.

Summarize effectively – The shorter the online resume, the better. Just make sure you do not sacrifice the quality of the content.

List major skill in the beginning – One way of presenting keywords on your online CV is to insert a list of your main skills in the beginning part.

Use the simplest format possible – Type your resume in plain text. Not every computer has the same list of font faces in their programs, and if you write your resume in a fancy text chances are only a few could read it. Also, do not use other typeset formats as it would confuse the reader while perusing the codes attached to it.

Provide a professional valid e-mail address – Attach an e-mail address using your name as the handle, such as “”. Don’t divulge your personal e-mail because you don’t want the employer get scared when they read your e-mail as “”. Don’t forget to include your phone number (home and or mobile) for immediate contact.

Have a hard copy ready – Once you get a call back for a job interview, print out a more comprehensive copy of your resume so you could submit it to your prospective employer once you meet.

Don’t send group e-mails – When applying for a job online, don’t submit it to different employers at the same time. Each job should have a separate e-mail with the resume uploaded separately as well. If the employer would request to have your CV “copied and pasted” on the e-mail, then do so.

Follow-up politely – You can try contacting the employer about 3 to 4 days after submitting your online resume. Ask them if they have received it and graciously thank them.

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