Tips for Submitting Resume via Email

resumeGone are the days when job hunters had to send their resume to potential employers via snail mail. Gone are the days when you even had to drop by to the office just to hand their resume (which could be a waste of time and effort if the resume went straight to the paper shredder).

Today, most hiring managers require interested applicants to just email their resumes or upload them on their websites. For many candidates, submitting resume via email is as easy as counting 1 to 10. And many of those who think this way do not get invitation for an interview. That is because emailing your resume requires some brain work.

Brevity is virtue

So, what are the things to consider when composing an introductory paragraph to go with your resume? The basic rule is this: Make it short, strong, and direct to the point. Try to limit it in one paragraph composed of 4 to 5 sentences. The hiring manager would be put off by long introductory paragraph.

State the position and check for spelling errors

You must clearly state the position title you are applying for. State the reference job number if applicable. Make sure that the position title is right. Double check the spelling of the company. Nothing is more abominable than spelling of the name of the company wrong.

State your reason for applying

You should also state your major reason why you are applying for the position. State why you think you are a good fit with the company. Also tell them what excites you most about the position. Your writing should reflect your passion for the position.

State relevant experiences and accomplishments

You should briefly enumerate your job experiences, including relevant training as well as projects completed. Highlight only the most important ones; leave all the details on your resume. You should also list one or two of your most outstanding accomplishments. It can be something you are really proud of or the potential employer will appreciate. These accomplishments should be relevant to the job.

Keep the ending short

The ending should be only one sentence long. It may contain any of these: "I look forward to talking with you…," "If you have any questions…," or "Thank you for your time…" End with your full name, phone number, and email address.

You should put much thinking when composing an introductory paragraph. In case when you are not required to submit a Cover Letter, a short paragraph summarizing your intent, experiences, and accomplishments in the email will do. This paragraph should not be taken for granted as it is one of the major determinants of whether the hiring manager will consider you for an interview.

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