Commom Job Resume Mistakes

Committing job resume mistakes can be quite costly for someone who needs to look for a job as soon as possible. And many people still continue to commit them many times over and never bothered to correct them. The best way to be able to avoid them is by knowing what these mistakes are.

No Cover Letter

With employers getting more and more selective when looking for new employees, they have also become quite particular when looking at resumes. Most of them usually look forward to reading a cover letter accompanying the job resume. Cover letters have become an important feature of job resumes that most employers and hiring managers are known to throw away resumes without cover letters. Avoid the same mistake by preparing a good cover letter that would catch the interest of employers and managers long enough to look further into your job resume.

Long Job Resumes

Another common mistake that job applicants make when writing their resumes is by making them too long. Some think that having lengthy job resumes would instantly impress hiring managers and employers. But the opposite is quite true. Most of them are turned off by having to read long resumes.

Bear in mind that such people also have other important business to attend to. Time is money for them and having to go through a very long job resume would not be on their agenda. It is better to make job resumes concise and to the point.

Focusing On Duties

Some job applicants make the mistake of listing only their duties on previous employments. This might look fine to some, but it can be quite a mistake, especially in jobs where many other applicants vie for. In such cases, making your job resume unique would give you a significant advantage on being noticed. One way of doing this is by listing accomplishments rather than just plain job descriptions on the job resume.

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