How Many Years Back Should Your Resume List Job Experience?

One daunting task during resume construction is providing your career history. Candidates who haven’t been in the job market or updated their resumes after several years or so tend to get confused on whether they should put everything or summarizing their work experience.

Experts advised job seekers not to put everything into your resume. Instead, here are their tips in including just the right parts of th story.

Select what’s best for your target job position – Analyze your background carefully and select the material that best meets the needs of the job vacancy that you apply for. Do not expect the recruiters to fit you into a random job position based on some magical intuition. To convey your worth effectively when you have a wealth of experience to draw on, use a common-sense approach to select your information. Emphasize real achievements, higher level functions, and experience germane to your goal.

Post your recent achievements – As they say, "You are as good as your last accomplishment." You may have done a lot of great things in your previous jobs, but how about at your most recent work? Putting more importance on your recent achievements, as well as erasing your past accomplishments that have nothing to do with your intended job, creates more focus and provides an impression that you have been doing your best.

Post your highest job levels – This is especially applicable for workers seeking senior managerial positions who may five or even more previous jobs under their belt. This approach quickly describes the scope of your career and keeps the reader (the recruiter) focused on your higher-level functions. Dumping too much information in your resume can actually knock out your candidacy. How much you should include depends on the message you need to convey to your target audience.

Provide relevant experience – The "one-size-fits-all resume" doesn’t work for employers, period. Selecting the experience relevant to your target employer can be difficult, especially for candidates who worked in jack-of-all-trades position or cross-functional teams. What you should do is to clarify your targets, as employers want to see a clear path of professional experience related to the same work theme. By establishing a target and selecting experience pertinent to you goal, you can produce a resume that is credible, readable, and presents strong qualifications for your intended job.

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