Job Resume Rules Redefined

Writing job resumes follow certain rules in order for them to become more effective. Some of these rules have stood the test of time and is still applicable now. But there are also other rules in job resume writing that has since been redefined due to the changing of the times. Here are some of them.

Job Resume Length

It has long been an accepted rule that one-page job resumes are preferred than longer multiple-paged ones. But this is not necessarily the case today. Although some employers may also be looking at one-page resumes, there are more and more hiring managers who might also be open to reading two or three-paged job resumes, if only to see what job applicants may have to offer.

But this doesn’t mean that job resumes have to be written as two or three-paged documents. Concise and brief job resumes are still better than having lengthier ones. Time is still the essence for employers and hiring managers and they might not have the time to put their focus in just a single lengthy job resume when there are still other shorter ones to go through.

Unique Take On Job Resumes

With technology getting better and more advanced, how people view the conventional job resume has also changed. Aside from written resumes, job applicants may now also be able to show their wares by sending video resumes. While the printed version is still considered the norm, having a video resume to send to some employers and hiring managers can actually improve one’s chances of getting some attention.

And with the online world now becoming a new venue for job applicants to do their job search, the key to an effective way of getting attention is by making job resumes more searchable. More and more companies are now looking into job resume databases, whether online or offline, in order to search for potential candidates for certain jobs. One way that job resumes can be made more searchable is by adding important keywords related to the job as part of the content. This will help computers searching for potential candidates be able to find job resumes by virtue of the keywords contained on them.

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