Recent Graduate Resume Writing Tips

Job resumes aim to usually exhibit the work experiences and capabilities of a job applicant related to a certain job. It would be easier if the job applicant already has previous related work experiences to add into the resume. But what if the job applicant is a recent graduate?

Certainly, most employers and hiring managers would prefer looking more closely at applicants with previous work experiences. But that does not mean that recent graduates do not stand a chance in a tough job market. All they need to do is to effectively showcase their skills and abilities. The best way to do that is by creating a good job resume.

Make Resume Attractive

Having no previous work experience should not always be a problem for recent graduates out hunting for their first job. How to make their job resumes attractive enough for hiring managers to notice. And bear in mind that it’s not by using unique colored paper to write on that would make a job resume attractive. It is usually what and how you write the contents that would make employers and hiring managers notice.

Highlight Transferable Skills

Even as a recent graduate, you may be able to make your job resume stand out by trying to highlight your transferable skills. This would be the skills that you have developed that may be quite useful in the job that you are trying to apply for. Going to college have provided you with the means to develop several transferable skills that many jobs require.  Many college activities help students develop important transferable skills such as leadership, analytical and problems solving skills, written and oral communication as well as proper time management. All these are considered as transferable skills.

Showcasing your best transferable skills would be best by citing college experiences that you’ve been through that made them quite useful. Cite them in a way that would help hiring managers see how they might be useful in the job that you’re applying for. Mentioning volunteer work as well as previous internships may greatly help highlight them in a way that a company looking for a credible and qualified employee would truly appreciate.

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