Resume Tips for a Bad Economy

Writing resume during an economic downturn requires that you take additional steps just to make sure employers will notice you. In these bad times, writing resume is all about getting noticed. And getting noticed does not mean sending out tons of resumes. What you need to do instead is to submit well written resumes. It could make break or make your chances of getting hired. Here are some helpful tips when writing resume in a very bad economy:

Show your qualifications right away

Write in your resume who you really are and the things you want right up front. Hiring managers sometimes get very impatient searching for this information. Restate the major points you wrote in your cover letter in the first part of your resume. Be very specific regarding the kind of position you are gunning. Hiring managers do not want spending their entire lives looking at your resume, so do them a big favor by providing them a cheat sheet.

Customize section headings

Customizing your section headings is a good way to underscore your resume’s relevance for the hiring manager. For instance, if you are applying for a web design position, try writing "Web Designing Experience" instead of just "Work Experience". This will surely catch the attention of even the busiest hiring manager.

The most relevant qualifications must come first

Listing work experience in chronological order may annoy some readers because it may have filler information not relevant to the position. Instead, list your most relevant qualifications first to show right away what you have in store for the potential employer. If you are a fresh graduate or do not have relevant experience, just put your educational background right after the summary of qualifications.

Emphasize the position

Big time companies will look great on your resume and will definitely impress any hiring manager. However, if you have had an important, relevant position at a company that is a little obscure, try emphasizing your position instead of the organization’s name.

Use action words

Use verbs when describing your experiences in detail. This will show the hiring manager just how accomplished you are. For example, refrain from using the old "responsible for" and explain exactly what your duties were. Writing "planned, organized, and coordinated blah blah blah" will give the hiring staff a clear idea about your previous position and allow them to ask you targeted and specific questions during your job interview.

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