Resume Writing Don'ts

Writing resumes is not about boasting empty accomplishments, it is about presenting yourself as a potential productive employee. Many people commit tons of mistakes in writing their resumes, and yet clueless enough not to realize it. Here are the most common resume writing errors that you should avoid.

Don’t lie – Just because you are hired, your employer wouldn’t do a follow-up background check. If your fabrications are found out—either because your employer fund out about it or you slipped your tongue—you can be dismissed immediately. Besides, just think of the moral implications of not telling the truth.

Don’t put the word “resume” on your resume – Employers are not clueless that they are reading a resume when they see one.

Don’t include salary information – Unless the employer asks you to include it (as indicated in their ad of just by asking), do not disclose your salary expectation on your resume. Doing so might eliminate you from being considered if you are asking for too much, or you may be under-compensated if you imply that you would work for less.

Don’t attach job references – You would usually spot resumes that says “references available upon request” at the end. This is advisable, as not all employers are interested in asking your job references. However, do prepare them if your employers ask for them after the first interview.

Don’t include testimonials – They are not helpful at all, since you would never attempt including negative comments. Just keep a separate written copy with you in case the employer asks for it during the interview.

Don’t include personal statistics – Marital status, age, height, weight, religion, name of your parents, and other trivial information are not important in employment. It would only tempt some employers to discriminate you only for those merits.

Don’t put your personality profile – Like testimonials, it is highly unlikely that you would portray yourself in a negative light. An employer would likely judge your personality when he actually meets you during the interview.

Don’t EVER copy someone else’s resume – Every person has a unique employment profile and therefore unique resumes. Even when applying the samples on different help book or the Internet, make the resume as your own as it will give you a chance to express who you truly are. Another important thing, this would ensure you are familiar with your resume. Your employer would most likely ask you about the cool-sounding phrases that you write in your resume.

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