Ways to Improve Your Resume

After all the applications you have submitted and you still could not land a job, maybe the problem lies on the document that you are handing to them.  You can put some minor adjustments on your resume, and we are here to help you with that.

Revamp the format – The best thing that resume templates have probably done is that they make your resume similar with the rest of them, making the recruiter difficult to differentiate between candidates.  When searching for a job, the last thing you need is to be an ordinary, run-of-the-mill applicant.

Give your resume a distinctive resume format that will not only make you stand out from the competition, but make you look more qualified and organized.  In truth, how your resume looks is as important as how it reads.

Stick to what is relevant – Hiring managers do not put much weight on outdated accomplishments.  You should focus your resume on your last 5 to 10 years of employment.  In addition, there is no need to flesh out jobs that are not relevant.  Eliminate old and irrelevant jobs, providing you with the opportunity to focus on your career objective, making the resume easier to read and less confusing.

Be original – Though you can use resume books, websites, and even your friend’s resume as a guide, copying information is not a smart move.  Chances are you won’t be the only one replicating the work of others and once again, you won’t stand out from the crowd.

Mix it up a little – If you find that your resume is written either in paragraph style or in bulleted styled only, consider mixing them up a bit.  Combine the two techniques in your resume by spelling out your responsibilities in a paragraph and mark your achievements in bulleted statement.  This formula allows the reader to quickly scan your resume and pick up relevant information quickly.

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