Words You Should Use on Your Resume

man holding a rsumeHiring managers scrutinize every word on a resume. This is how it goes in today’s very competitive job market. But some words count more than others. Last time, we enumerated some words you should avoid putting on your resume. This time, we’ll talk about the words you should use on your resume. Below are some words that sound good to hiring managers:


Hiring managers put much weight on teamwork. Teamwork skills are very important in the workplace, more so in these hard times. Your ability to work well with your colleagues to achieve a common goal is one of the skills that employers value the most. For one, teamwork is crucial for a harmonious workplace.

Often, employees are organized into teams or groups to manage certain projects. And employers believe that group effort greatly improves productivity and increases work quality. So let the hiring manager know that you’re a team player. Your resume should reflect that you’re a cooperative colleague, an attentive listener, and are willing to help others.


Hiring managers have positive attitude towards candidates who are flexible and can do multi-tasking. Sometimes, it doesn’t help to be a master of one. Many employers are looking for jack-of-all-trade people.

Show you’re flexible by exhibiting a willingness to accept varied and new projects. Also show that you can handle changing deadlines and priorities. Being flexible doesn’t only improve your chances of getting hired, it also increases your odds of keeping your job should layoffs happen. So include "flexibility" on your resume.


Another word of value to hiring managers and employers is "detail-oriented". They want to know if they can trust you to manage projects detail by detail. By being detail-oriented, we mean being meticulous and organized about your work. This word also suggests that you act independently and work without much supervision.


Employers value self-starter employees. This type of employees can produce their own ideas. Not only that, they also follow these ideas through to fruition. Let the hiring manager know that you’re a self-motivated person. A self-motivated employee usually goes the extra mile. Show that you can regularly take on tasks that are not part of your job description. Show that you’re a hard worker because you want to challenge yourself.

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