Writing an Effective Resume

Your resume could make or break your prospect of getting that elusive career. Many do not recognize that their resume could be at fault until they experience the frustration of a long and fruitless job search. Here are the top five ways to correct your resume mistakes.

Focus on your career objective – Leave no question in the mind of the recruiter who reads your resume as to your career objective is. Avoid creating a one-size-fits-all resume, as it gives the impression that you are uncertain of your career goal. If you are planning to submit for two completely different job positions, you need to submit two different resumes, each focusing on your ability to do good at each occupation.

Apply marketing strategy – A job search is actually a sales campaign and you are the product. Design your resume as a marketing material designed to create a powerful first impression. Consider your recruiter’s buying motives.

State your accomplishments – Your scholastic and career achievements are what allow a prospective employer to visualize you as a worker in their organization. Accomplishments motive employers to call you before their competition finds you.

Use proper keywords – Every word on your resume should demonstrate how you can solve the company’s problems, save their time or money, increase their net profit, or improve customer relations.

Follow a format – There are three fundamental resume formats: chronological, functional, and hybrid. The first one is the easiest to write, as it allows the reader to easily identify the what, where, and when of your accomplishments. This works well if your objective is to remain in the same industry or occupation, as well as when your most recent experience demonstrates your best accomplishments. 

However, the chronological format is not effective for showcasing transferable skills. If you wish to apply at a different industry or occupation from your previous work, the functional format is a better format, placing skills and relevant accomplishments at the beginning of your resume. This allows a stronger first impression. Meanwhile, a hybrid format cures the functional resume’s tendency to be confusing, as it combines the best of both chronological and functional formats. Although it is considered the best format for executives, it is the most difficult to write as it requires strategic planning leading to a clear product branding message.

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