Writing Hybrid Resume

When preparing a job resume, most people usually prefer using standard formats. But there are some instances where certain situation require more than just the usually method of writing a job resume. There are unique requirements as well as entries that might not do well with some of the usual resume formats. In this case, there are hybrid job resume formats that some people may decide to use for this.

Hybrid Job Resume

A hybrid job resume is simply a combination of different formats to come up not just with a unique job resume, but one that achieves a certain need for particular situations. Creating a hybrid resume would be like taking the best out of two different job resume formats and then combining them to produce a certain appeal as well as function. The usual combination for hybrid job resumes involves the use of the chronological and the functional job resume formats.

Chronological Hybrid Job Resume

The standard chronological job resume usually have work experiences listed in chronological order. But there are times when applicants may also want to have their transferable skills highlighted. In this case, they can write a chronological hybrid resume. It would look like a traditional chronological resume listing one’s work history. But in the hybrid, the applicant’s achievements are also added as a part of each work experience to highlight the skills of the applicant.

Functional Hybrid Job Resume

A functional job resume highlights the applicant’s work skills and achievements. But sometimes, employers would want applicant’s to cite examples of where these skills were being put to work. In this case, a functional hybrid resume would work fine. Aside from enumerating the different skills and achievements, the job applicant may also add sub headers where the companies one has previously worked for can be cited as an example where achievements and skills were put into actual use. This would verily provide a more effective highlight that just a simple list of skills and achievements.

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