Writing Your Resume With Power Words

Presenting a resume that is well-written and well-formatted is your first hurdle to employment. How you project yourself and your skills through a piece (or pieces) of paper can open doors to a job interview.

No matter what industry you belong to, chances are every employer looks for a candidate who has a specific set of abilities and experiences. This is where your job description comes in handy, and where power words come into action.

"Power Words" are usually verbs-and some nouns-that emphasize one’s skills and accomplishments in the candidate’s career. Examples of which are "developed," "acquired," and "leadership." However, you don’t just insert power words in wild abandon. Here are some great and useful tips that you can refer to when writing a power-packed resume.

Use power words according to the industry you are in.

Like what is said a while ago, every employer has a specific set of abilities and experiences that they are seeking in a potential employee. They would usually refer to your previous job experience written in your resume and check out the accomplishments or skills that you have done for your previous employers, which they think you could contribute to their company.

For instance, if you are applying for a managerial position, words like "led," "organized," and "motivated" would highlight your previous achievements.

Resumes of applicants for editorial or writing opportunities would include "created," "able to to meet deadlines," "extensive research," and the likes.

If you are presenting a resume in the technology field, such as Web or graphic design, or database management, include a list of the latest softwares and applications that you can utilize.

Use power words that you have actually done.

Remember one golden rule in job searching, "Never lie." Power words mean nothing if you did not perform the very essence of the terms you included in your resume. These words are used to emphasize certain key accomplishments and abilities.

For instance, if you have helped your former boss in getting new clients, state in your resume that you have "assisted and accompanied the President in acquiring new clients."

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