Chronological Job Resume

There are various types of job resumes. One of them is the chronological job resume. Different jobs as well as applicants usually require a job resume that fits. For certain jobs, there are certain job resumes that work well and some that just do not.  The same goes for applicants with different work experiences. Basically, a chronological job resume is characterized by having work experiences listed in chron

Commom Job Resume Mistakes

Committing job resume mistakes can be quite costly for someone who needs to look for a job as soon as possible. And many people still continue to commit them many times over and never bothered to correct them. The best way to be able to avoid them is by knowing what these mistakes are. No Cover Letter With employers getting more and more selective when looking for new employees, they have also become quite particu

Writing Hybrid Resume

When preparing a job resume, most people usually prefer using standard formats. But there are some instances where certain situation require more than just the usually method of writing a job resume. There are unique requirements as well as entries that might not do well with some of the usual resume formats. In this case, there are hybrid job resume formats that some people may decide to use for this. Hybrid Job

Recent Graduate Resume Writing Tips

Job resumes aim to usually exhibit the work experiences and capabilities of a job applicant related to a certain job. It would be easier if the job applicant already has previous related work experiences to add into the resume. But what if the job applicant is a recent graduate? Certainly, most employers and hiring managers would prefer looking more closely at applicants with previous work experiences. But that do

Job Resume Rules Redefined

Writing job resumes follow certain rules in order for them to become more effective. Some of these rules have stood the test of time and is still applicable now. But there are also other rules in job resume writing that has since been redefined due to the changing of the times. Here are some of them. Job Resume Length It has long been an accepted rule that one-page job resumes are preferred than longer multiple-pa

Revising Your Job Resume

Your job resume changes over time. As years go by and your work experience lengthens, you may need to add up your recent accomplishments as well as newly developed skills to keep them updated. This way you won’t have to go through writing your job resume from scratch. Trying to revise your job resume need not be difficult especially if you plan to look for another job in the near future. Although considerabl

Identify Your Transferable Skills

Looking for a job takes some careful planning. This would especially be true when you try to find a job that may be unlike your previous one. Some people may do this as a welcome break from previous jobs that they may have grown bored doing. When changing careers most especially, you do not usually need to start back at square one. Some may be looking for a job position quite opposite of their previous one. This m

Maintaining an Honest Job Resume

Even if the job market is tight and competition is tough, job hunters should try to maintain having an honest job resume. Being truthful in providing the right information to job recruiters will help ensure that you land a job that is just right for you. Embellishing your job resume with untruths in order to impress would just damage your credibility that may haunt you for the rest of your professional life. Here a

Preparing Effective Job Resumes

A job resume is essential for job seekers trying to look for new jobs or better employment opportunities. There are many different ways one can prepare a job resume. There is the usual way and the effective way. It will be the big difference between being able to land that job and lingering even longer in the job market. There are certain job resumes that land those job interviews. How effective job seekers try to

Avoiding Cover Letter Mistakes

Preparing a cover letter when looking for a job may help improve one’s chances of getting hired. The primary purpose of the cover letter is usually to accompany one’s job resume and serve as a fitting introduction that recruiters and employers would be reading first. There are right and wrong ways to prepare a cover letter. Here are some of the mistakes that should be avoided. Don’t Use "Dea

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