Horoscope Based Job Search

A job search can take more than just careful planning and preparation. Some may even include luck into the equation. There are times when finding a job is also a matter of being at the right place at the right time. That’s simple good luck anyway you look at it. There is a certain unpredictability when it comes to job searching. Sometimes people may not exactly guess what actually might happen once they are

Unseen Jobs

These tough times had people scrambling for jobs, but some of them just could not search hard enough.  In fact, there are hundreds of job opportunities that people do not seem to notice because we normally take them for granted, but are in fact can be rewarding enough to get you through the difficult days.  Here are some of "the unseen jobs" we pass by every day. Electric line installers and rep

Using Color to Determine Your Ideal Job

Some people tend to keep on switching jobs, or take different occupations from different industries not as a means to have more money rather to do the things they are passionate about.  If you have trouble finding out what job would be best for you, why not let the colors decide on that? A new test, called Color Career Counselor, can determine your successful career path just by choosing the colors you are mo

5 Best Places to Find a Job

In these troubled times, more and more job seekers would do everything to find a decent job, and that includes the willingness to relocate.  While other out-of-work professionals consider looking for jobs in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, many smart job seekers are able to find jobs in the smallest of towns. Not every city in the US has high unemployment rate.  Here is a list

Fine-Tuning Your Job Search Skills

With the current economy still on the rocks, it is crucial for unemployed jobseekers to get hired as soon as possible before they run out of savings.  People may feel helpless as they watch the news of companies cutting jobs, thinking that they may never hire new talent.  In fact, they actually do.  All you need is to fine-tune your job-search strategy and you may able to find work that seems out of

Common Resume Mistakes

One of the important factors in landing a job is having a good job resume. That is why preparing your resume carefully and keep it updated will help put you into a disadvantage over other job applicants.  But it can also be easy to make mistakes in trying to prepare your job resume. Here are the most common ones to watch out for. Wrong Contact Information A lot of job resumes are discarded and a lot of opport

Words You Should Use on Your Resume

Words You Should Use on Your ResumeHiring managers scrutinize every word on a resume. This is how it goes in today’s very competitive job market. But some words count more than others. Last time, we enumerated some words you should avoid putting on your resume. This time, we’ll talk about the words you should use on your resume. Below are some words that sound good to hiring managers: Teamwork Hiring managers put much weight on teamwork.

Words You Should Not Use on Your Resume

Words You Should Not Use on Your Resume Your resume is only as good as the attention it gets. If you stuff it with lots of action verbs and glittery adjectives, you may not receive the response you want. Some hiring managers come up with certain lists of words that really irritate them. Online resume tips recommend that you use many verbs, adverbs, and adjectives on your resume. But if you are not careful enough, you could annoy prospective employers.

How to Update Your Resume

How to Update Your ResumeThe "Be prepared" motto is not only a perfect advice for Boy Scouts, but also for career people. The perfect career opportunity may come knocking on your door at the most unexpected times. If a hiring manager called you right now with the job of your dream, would you be prepared to send out an updated resume in an instant? According to resume expert Lauren Milligan, making your resume up-to-date does not

Interview: The Underlying or Hard Questions

Job interview questions are cunningly devised by hiring managers in order to get the vital information they need from candidates. Behind every job interview question is another question or a concern. Basically, your job as a candidate is to process each question, scrutinizing what the concerns of the interviewer might be. Here are some interview questions with the corresponding concerns: How long have you been job